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My personal experience is with my mom who was a master at it and began her regime when I was an infant. These are some rules I picked up along the way to defend myself.

1) Any and all information she knows will be used against you. (Avoid letting them know anything about you.)
2) When she objects to something, it is because what you have done is a threat to her - not because you have hurt anyone.
3) Always question things you have always assumed to be true - many of the things she taught me were lies and worse.
4) Never trust anyone who wants you to follow them blindly.
5) Anyone who acts disrespectful to someone else will also be disrespectful to you when that suits them. (Don't trust anyone who slurs another person.)
6) Anyone trying to look perfect and beyond suspicion has something to hide.

Probably this is not a perfect list. 
But it works well for me with these spies that live among us in much the same way that
it served to protect and heal me from the assaults I went through in my childhood.

I share them in the hope they may help someone AND in the hope of reducing the power of the spies even if it is just by a tiny amount.

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