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cats cheetah chimpanzee chimpanzee2 chimpanzee3 chimpanzee4 chimpanzee5 COMFORT taxi cow dugong elephant1
elephant2 elephant3 elephant4 gibbon1 gibbon2 gibbon3 goat jaguar jaguar2 kangaroo kangaroo1
kangaroo2 kangaroo3 kangaroo4 leopard lions1 lions2 lions3 lions4 lions5 little girl miniature horse
orang utan orang utan1 orang utan2 orang utan3 osterich prairie dogs rhinos rhinos2 sheep1 sheep2 spanking
sheep5 sheep6 sheep7 sheep8 stalk stalk2 stalk3 stalk4 Vietnamese dugong1 pride of lions

This is not the official web site of Singapore Zoo. It is just a few snaps taken by a tourist during a visit to Singapore. Modern Singapore was created by Lee Kuan Yew (1923- ), one of the finest statesmen ever. It is sad that zoos exist but without them most animals face the danger of extinction. Many species are already extinct in the wild. Singapore Zoo does a great job in educating the public about the habitat destruction which continues relentlesly.

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