Shooting at Pattaya in Thailand


This shooting range is located under the Tiffany lady boy show in north Pattaya. It has recently been refurbished and the guns have all been replaced. Tiffany's shooting range is at 464 Moo 9 Pattaya 2nd Road Pattaya City 20260 Thailand Tel: 0-3842-1700-5 and 0-3842-9642.

Ruger 38 revolver

Colt 45 automatic

Colt 45 automatic

shooting1 shooting2 shooting3
ruger colt45 colt45(2)

Ruger .38 revolver. 10 shots on the target. This is a difficult weapon because the firer must use the finger pressure on the trigger to rotate the chambers and thus reload the weapon.

Colt .45 automatic 12 shots on the target. This is a much easier weapon in that the trigger pressure is very light and some of the gas pressure is redirected to slide the upper part of the pistol back and thus reload the weapon. Some of the shots are high and left. This is a natural tendency of the human right fist to twist to the left as it is clenched.

Second attempt at the Colt .45. 2 shots are nearly bulls eyes. 10 shots on the target but some are very wild.

As you can see the fees are quite reasonable.
(US$1 = 39 Baht).
There have been some price increases since 2000 but the weapons are all new. Some of the previous weapons were faulty, like the colt .45 automatic with the welded repair to the slider and the .38 revolver with the sticky revolving chambers such that it was possible to fire a bullet alongside the barrel and not down it.

Latest prices as at May 2005
ItemPrice in Baht
Membership for one day200
9 mm20
5.56mm for AK47$1 in Phnom Penh
B40 grenade launcher$15 in Phnom Phenh

This is a general view of the gallery.

shooting gallery

Here are some skittles for you to try and knock down. It is very difficult. The Colt .45 generates an enormous shock wave so that any bullet which is close will wobble a skittle but a hit is needed to knock one down. This no longer exists.


The author blasting away.
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