Australia day Jan 26th 2001


First some parachutists descended, swinging and spiraling down onto the green. Then some stunt aircraft wheeled and looped about the sky, like something out of those magnificent men and their flying machines.

After dusk a helicopter crossed the sky bearing a large Australian flag. The crowd even sang the national anthem Australia fare. Then the fireworks began across the Swan river.

With some even on the buildings, above the display of the all ords index which had risen 26 points to 3261 on the last trading day.
As at March 25th. 2003 the all ords stands at about 2800! Big loss!
As at September 2nd. 2006 the all ords stands at about 5100! Big gain!
And at November 19th. 2008 after the world economic crisis 3483! Back down again!
And at July 13th. 2012 after the Australia dollar rose above the US dollar 4118.30

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