Do you have a girlfriend?

The boy in the white teashirt with the two cameras identified himself as Worzel Gummidge,
a scarecrow with interchangeable heads for thinking, dancing, and working,
played by former Dr Who, Jon Pertwee.
The author has met Jon Pertwee and makes no connection with this boy.

Sideways view with water spray from the cooling fans. The first encounter. The digital camera is an Olympus SP-500 UZ.
He makes a great show of not doing what he is doing. These two cameras were given to him by his dad.

The digital camera is an Olympus SP-500 UZ.
6 Megapixel with 10 times optical zoom.
That is probably what he was doing when he was pretending not to be doing anything.

The boy in the chequered shirt was very camp throughout and may have been the boyfriend of the other. When the photography started he squealed that he was not doing anything wrong and what was he doing. The author told him that if he did not know what he was doing then he should stop doing it.

The boy in white teashirt was the only one willing to converse.
The author's replies are in green.
Question: What is your name?
Answer: You have my photograph.
Question: What is your name?
Answer: Worzel Gummidge
Question: Do you have a girlfriend?
Answer: No.
Question: Do you have a girlfriend?
Answer: I am gay.
Question: How old are you?
Answer: Older than you.
Reply: You are behaving like child.

Notice the Cambodian traffic policeman.
He was bemused throughout and did not know what to make of these strange goings on. Very camp. Notice the raised little finger of the right hand

The author is a man of 61, who was recently in Phnom Penh staying at the Capitol Guest House.
While enjoying his breakfast of coffee and a baguette he was surprised to notice these two boys sitting at the next table with three cameras photographing him.

Believing them to be some kind of official or police he requested to see some identification. This request was met with a stony silence. The author believing them to be some kind of anti-pedophile workers then photographed them. They took objection to this and the boy in the white tea shirt left the table and had a heated conversation on his mobile telephone. It is likely that he was calling for backup. He returned to the table looking very disappointed and mumbled something to his friend. Whereupon his friend got up from the table and had an even more heated conversation on his mobile telephone.

They finished their hamburgers. Why do these people always eat hamburgers? They paid the bill and then waited presumably for help to arrive.
The usual NGO mumble while they decide what to do Not quite sure who he is talking to Just out of camera shot to the right are the two military police with AK47 rifles

They were informed that they were being photographed and would be appearing on the Internet. They became abusive and informed the author that he was a "dickhead" and an "asshole" and that he would be appearing on their web sites and Don't bother clicking on these links. These domain names refer only to pornographic web sites. They do include job opportunities so that may be from where these two found work.

Eventually they got up and left but outside found that their motorbike would not start. The author had nothing to do with this. So they pushed it around the corner and started repairing it.

Then suddenly the one in the checked tea shirt shouted something in Cambodian out of earshot and two Cambodian Military Police with AK47 rifles peeped nervously around the corner. This must have been the backup for which they had telephoned. Help had arrived or so they thought. Their was a clash as one handed his AK47 to the other and he came wandering out unarmed to see what the excitement was all about.

Not finding what he expected he did nothing. The author had to remind the two boys that it was not their country and that the police would not help them. Since their behaviour and language was abusive throughout it seems likely that they have been assaulted on previous occasions.

The author would like to reassure these people and any others who he may process in the same way that they are never in any danger and need not be afraid.

Page created on December 16th. 2006 and updated on March 11th. 20015 about an incident on November 26th. 2006 from about 13:00 to 14:00 
High definition versions of these photographs are available on request.

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