Spot the princess

Princess Dewi, Lily, Andre plus one at the Holiday Fair

From now on our new address will be: 14, Street 258. Unfortunately Andre and his crew have just been given notice to quit. Because of the property boom the site has become very valuable and the landlord has given them notice to quit. This is despite a 5 year lease. It contains a penalty clause but the penalty is small compared to the profit. Many foreign tenants are having the same experience. Fortunately not too much work had been done on the property. Sometimes the foreigner can rent quite cheaply a delapidated property, repair everything and then the landlord likes what he sees and wants the property back. Such is Cambodia in 2007.

You can no longer reach Local Adventures Cambodia at 403, Sisowath Street. We moved our office to a more convenient place, between Sisowath Street and Sothearos Boulevard. (opposite Cambodiana Hotel). At our new office we hope to serve you even better.

In other words they are just around the corner from where they used to be. But very soon they will be somewhere else.

This is a great company run by Dutch Andre and his Cambodian wife Lily. She is the one in the photograph who looks like a princess when, in fact, the true Cambodian princess Dewi is the lady next to her. They all appeared on Dutch television and so Lily was confronted in the street by people thinking that she was the princess from Cambodia. The event was a Dutch travel agents exhibition promoting the far east.

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