Group for the Study of the Theories of Pol Pot

Brother Number 1: Pol Pot

Brother Number 1, also known as Pol Pot, was born Saloth Sar in 1925.

He was great Khmer leader who developed new theories to bring about best world possible.

As Prime Minister of Kampuchea, he brought Year Zero, which take country on road to be perfect society.

In Year Zero Kampuchea was perfect equal. No more money or landlord. No more city snob. All work in fields so that all eat. No more family as imposed. New families put together by wise Angkor.

Many lies told about Brother Number 1 and Kampuchea. Biggest troubles came from CIA.

Brother Number 1 fought best for Kampuchea. Now is dark age country again with monarchy.

After certain year, barbarian invade and force Brother Number 1 group withdraw. Much had been done, but only begining. More was to be done. We study that now today so we can bring new Year Zero to all of world.

Brother Number 1 lead group to fight fake government. He belong to Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea as fight go. But he have disease (Hodgkin). Later he have stroke.

At one time he have to Son Sen who became traitor. For this other traitor force arrest him to house.

He die after from stroke.

Today he live on in heart of Kampuchea people and all of world people!