the interior of the main temple at Angkor Wat



This is (or rather was) one of the most tranquil and beautiful corridors in the temple. It is one side of the innermost courtyard. I did try to warn you. I told you to get here now but you would not listen. This is how it was in 2002. Now, in 2007, it is full of tourists and there is nothing tranquil about it anymore.

Buddha in Shiva

In order to preserve the belief in Hinduism, lord Buddha was incorporated into the system by making him an incarnation of lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is represented by the head of the cobra surrounding a Buddha statue (minus its head of course).


Yet another tranquil and beautiful corridor. It is one side of the innermost courtyard.


Despite losing their heads the buddha statues are still venerated.


This is a walkway through from one corridor to the next.
Notice how the columns have all been eroded at their base by water.
Not only was there water on Mars but there was water here too.
The whole of Cambodia and Siem Reap had plentiful water.
Now there is very little. Possible because of deforestation.

way out

This is a doorway leading out of the temple. Notice how cool and dark it is inside compared to the hot outside. November to January are the best months to visit. Other times are just too hot.


This is a detail of one of the inside corners of one of the many courtyards inside.


At the very centre of the temple after passing through three squares of corridors is the central courtyard with the highest pinnacle within which used to be a statue of Shiva. The only entrance is by climbing up the very steep staircase which has been made a little safer for tourists.


These are a new crop of would be tourist guides being instructed in the mysteries of the main frieze inside. Mostly it tells the Hindu story of creation the ramayana and the maharabata. Some of the panels were thought to have magical powers and so were removed to protect the public. The guides are mostly interested in the US dollars 20 per day which they will be able to earn when they are qualified.


This is another view of the famous frieze but without any people.

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