The killing fields


yet another pile of skulls, this time in a Wat near the park of Angkor Wat

The famous killing fields and their piles of skulls and bones are near Phnom Penh. During the Pol Pot regime the entire population was forced out of the cities and into the countryside to work the land. But the subsequent indoctrination and purges were a crime against humanity. The victims were encouraged to confess their crimes of being middle class, intellectual, wearing glasses, being a school teacher or a landlord. They did not realise that they would all be executed for their confessions. Their bodies were dumped in the rice paddies all over Cambodia. This is just one pile which the monks discovered when ploughing a rice paddy nearby.

dear tourists the collection of bones that you see
in this stupa where bones have been collected from near
by the field. these were from the innocent people who
died at the hands of the savage polpot regime in 1975 - 79
we do not have enough money to build a dignified and
proper memorial to honor these innocent people the
world once stood by and let another demented dictator
murder 1,000,000 in four years . now we can help provide
comfort to these dear departed soul. with a donation
thank you

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