the children of Cambodia


Cambodia has some of the most amazing kids. After years of war they don't know anything at all and just simply are. They have a beautiful innocence which will soon be lost when the tourist trade really takes off. Worse than that is the influence of the do gooder NGO organisations which are now ubiquitous. Yes, some of them were preyed upon by foreign paedophiles, but the cure seems worse than the problem. As usual the culture is not understood and the issues are not addressed.

curious child

This is a house just after Poipet, just inside Cambodia. It is very similar to a house in Thailand. The tuktuk stopped to pick up a broken electric water pump to take it to Sisophon for repair. The kids had never seen a westerner. This little girl was the most brave and stood right out.

curious but shy sister

The younger sister was also curious to see a foreigner but too shy and so her elder sister had to hold her in place. The eldest sister was the most beautiful and about 20 years old. She was much too shy to come out.

she called me stinkie when i would not buy her postcards for one dollar and so i did

This is at an eating place just opposite the terrace of the elephants. The tour guides all eat here so it is good. This lady I call stinkie after she called me stinkie for not buying a packet of her postcards. The feather she is holding is part of a large shuttlecock which the kids use to play a form of badminton with the hands and without a racket.

pink child

This one was just standing there asking to be photographed

two children outside of the main temple

These two wanted a dollar to be photographed.

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