War on terror

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world trade centre

These are the twin towers of the 110 story world trade center in New York. They were built in 1973 and destroyed by Arab hijackers who took over two civilian aircraft and crashed them into the building on September 11th 2001, killing everyone on board both aircraft and about 7000 people working in the trade centre.

Four aircraft on four domestic routes were hijacked by Islamic groups with their bare hands after they tortured the cabin crew until the captain opened the cockpit door. Two aircraft were crashed into the world trade centre in New York. One aircraft was crashed into the Pentagon. A fourth aircraft hit the ground after a heroic fight with the passengers and so was prevented from reaching its target, probably the white house.

The terrorists were wise to choose the world trade center and not the more famous empire state building. The empire state building is much older and made of steel with brick and concrete skirts. It, like the world trade center, has been attacked before and survived. The world trade centre had a skin of aluminum, which is very light and very strong, and a central core of steel. The structure was interlaced with steel joists each of which had a fireproof covering. The impact of the aircraft caused some of the fireproof covering to detach from the joists. So great was the heat that the steel melted.

Aluminum is a metal in the same chemical group as Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. Remember those school chemistry experiments and how a very small amount burns or explodes on contact with water. Now aluminum is only stable because of a very thin oxide layer which forms on exposure to air, hence the dull gray colour. If aluminum is heated sufficiently it behaves more like Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium. That is why the world trade center fell down. It was very strong but the heat was too much. American warships are made of steel and Kevlar. They no longer use aluminum after the aluminum British Type 42 destroyers which were sunk by Exocet missiles during the Falklands war. Aluminum is a great engineering material, very light and very strong, but suitable for aircraft and not ships and buildings.

We are informed by CNN, the Cable News Network TV channel, that a terrorist group called Al Quaida was responsible for the attack, that the leader of this group is a Saudi man named Osama bin Laden, and that this group are resident in Afghanistan which is ruled by a Moslem group named Taliban.

President George W. Bush visited the site of the attack in New York which has been named ground zero shortly afterwards and put his arm around one of the fireman clearing the rubble and made a famous speech. Someone at the back of the audience could not hear what he was saying and so shouted at him "cannot hear." The president replied that those who had caused this would be hearing from us very soon. There was cheering from all.

So much is fact. What has happened since September 11th 2001 sounds more like a script from a Tom Clancy novel.

In the aftermath of a tragedy there is always a knee jerk demand from the public for the government to do something. Now governments like this demand because it reinforces their right to do whatever needs to be done.

The actions taken were to make war on Afghanistan and to increase airport security. The name chosen was the War on terror. This name is a public relations mistake. It is also a contradiction in terms. War is terrifying. People are killed in wars. How can any war be against terror? As von Clausivitz said in his treaty on war "War feeds only from itself". In other words a war is a breakdown of communication and achieves nothing but itself.

Airport security has already risen to joke proportions. Further increases are even more stupid. Every time there is an incident airport security is increased yet it does nothing to stop the next incident. As one of the more enlightened airport security bosses pointed out. The hijackers captured the aircraft with their bare hands by torturing the cabin crew until the captain opened the cockpit door to let them in, so what is the purpose in confiscating nail scissors and swiss army knives from passengers and reinforcing the cockpit door?

George W. Bush is the former governor of Texas. He is a Republican and very right wing like Ronald Reagan before him. Ronald Reagan George Bush senior Ronald Reagan was succeeded by George's father also George Bush but without the W. as president. He was probably brought upon a diet of Hopalong Cassidy and the Cisco Kid on a black and white TV. Remember Tonto and marshall Matt Dylan? What great cowboy legends they are and how simple life was. The cowboys were the good guys and the indians were the bad guys and you rode your horse and drew your six gun and your Winchester rifle and shot the bad guys. Would that life was as simple as that today.

George W. Bush came to power on the narrowest of majorities after several court cases against his opponent the Democrat Al Gore. In America the people do not vote directly for the president. Rather they vote for a group called an electoral college who in turn vote for the president. This is called the primaries. Al Gore and George W.  Bush Several elections were too close to call and went to several recounts culminating in the Florida primaries, where the judge subpoenaed all of the ballot papers and put them in a warehouse for yet another count. This has still not happened and is now of academic interest only. cowboys

It must be remembered that the president did not have a clear mandate from the people. There is nothing like a war to rally the people behind their leader. About 80 per cent of Americans feel fully justified in what they are doing.

America has a beautiful constitution with an elaborate system of checks and balances and segregation of powers between the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. Since the end of the cold war America has emerged as the richest and most powerful country the world has ever seen. Its military spending exceeds that of the next nine nations. There is no other country on the planet to counterbalance this force. Of course it sees itself as a benevolent democracy for the benefit of all. It is the poorer nations of this planet who do not see it that way. Exactly what they think and see is censored and not known to the western world. It is very important to try to find out. Mere military force will never stop certain groups of disheartened minorities from seeking a terrorist solution. War achieves nothing.
Let us not forget president Richard Nixon or trickie Dickie.
Here he is shown organising the carpet bombing of Cambodia. 
Quote: Cambodia is the Nixon doctrine in it's purist form;
helping people to help themselves.Unquote.
His finger is pointing to Ratnagiri, a popular tourist destination for nature and wild life.

The world has yet to be shown the connection between the attack on the world trade center, Osama bin Laden, Al Quaida and the Taliban. The Taliban were the extremist rulers of Afghanistan who succeeded the Mujahadeen who were supported by America during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. They were even armed with Stinger missiles to shoot down Russian and then American aircraft. It is good that the Taliban have been removed. They are responsible for numerous atrocities, including mass murder and reducing the population to extreme poverty and all in the name of Allah. Not many Muslims would agree with this extreme interpretation of the Koran, which is an extreme interpretation of the life and teachings of Mohammed by the Turkish people who created the religion.

Al Quaida are an international terrorist group with cells everywhere. Afghanistan was useful in that it had no proper system of government and so was a good place to set up training camps and grow drugs which could then be sold to finance their operations.
Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden is a Muslim holy man who lives in a cave and reads the Koran.

Where is the connection between the man and the two Muslim groups. This question is not being asked. It has been glossed over by the media. Two videotapes have turned up. One in Kandahar and the other in Jalalabad east of Kabul. These we are told are speeches by Osama bin Laden in which he commands or sanctions various attacks against America. Only excerpts of transcripts and a few seconds of video have ever been released to the public and the video look very much like a computer animation. We all know what Richard Nixon could do with audio tapes and a loyal staff. We are told that these tapes cannot be released because they may contain coded messages to terrorist cells. the CIA making yet another Osama bin Laden tape

So on the strength of this evidence America first bombed Afghanistan, one of the poorest nations on this earth, with the most sophisticated high tech bombs the world has ever seen. It then organised a coalition of forces, mostly American but a few English and Australian troops, to go and fight alongside the Northern Alliance, who were under the command of Masood. He had been fighting a losing war against the Taliban for many years. He has now been assassinated probably by an Al Quaida group.

Of course America won, but the war goes on. Afghanistan is ideal gorilla fighting terrain; many hills and valleys and mountains. There are some stories that the war was only won after an alliance with some rather doubtful war lords who are involved with the drug trade.

The prisoners were drugged and hooded and then flown to Guantanamo Bay, an American base in Castro's Cuba. There are horrific photographs of orange clad figures being dragged in and out of the interrogation centers. Finally it was decided that if they were Taliban they were prisoners of war entitled to the rights of the Geneva Convention. If Al Quaida they were not. The torture is not physical but psychological and as with all torture the victims will confess to anything hence some of the recent scares. Saddam Hussein of Iraq

And then of course there is Saddam Hussein of Iraq. He has been in power longer than any of them Did he post letters dusted with Anthrax to prominent Americans. Recently George W. Bush declared Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an axis of evil. He upset a lot of people with that remark. You cannot make war on everybody.

Now that the weapons inspectors have returned to Baghdad, we know that they will be no more successful than the last time 4 years before, when they were threatened and intimidated at every opportunity. Why bother? America is going to do what it is going to do.

Already the first signs of instability in the region are showing. Turkey, the founder of the Muslim Faith (not the beautiful prophet Mohammed), is preparing to advance 60 miles into Iraq to prevent the formation of Kurdistan, the land of the Kurds. But then are the Kurds worth saving anyway? Last night 2 of them were having a punch up outside of my room, and that after one of them is already an asylum seeker from England.

It really is a nice idea to label afew individual as badies and then to take them out. Would that life was so simple. Hitler is dead. Do we not have a Nazi problem.

Meanwhile the rest of the world that is everybody who is not an American that is us must put up with the consequences. Horrible though the attack on the world trade center was it is likely that if it had not occurred some other incident would have been needed to gain support for a raft of unpopular security measures which had been planned for some time. During November 2001 there was a fear of a nuclear attack against the America by a suitcase bomb and the New York Police Department carried radiation detectors.

Meanwhile America is feeling under attack, isolated and alone. There is even a return to McCarthysim in which those who do not agree with the president are termed terrorists and guilty of unamerican activities. America has imposed a thirty percent import duty on European steel in contravention of world trade agreements. Europe is preparing a list of American exports for retaliation.

Just recently George W. Bush has approved a new immigration law to target tourists who will need to carry their passports at all times and be subjected to retinal scans.

America has refused to ratify the Kyoto agreement on global warming, on the grounds that it will cost American jobs. It may do so. Global warming will certainly destroy the planet.

America has refused to participate in the international criminal court on the grounds that American troops serving abroad could be targeted and thereby cause a loss of sovereignty, so that Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot could not be brought to trial. Nobody is suggesting that the activities of American troops constitute a war crime. What can they be planning next?

What is the connection between airport security and the attack on the world trade centre? Was it not planned far in advance?

It is all very well for America to have such tight security but why do the rest of us have to have our bags searched by the low lives who cannot find any other work. These people are not ex army or ex police they are ex prisoners who did very badly at school and so enjoy the power of having another human being under their control. They specialise in humiliating and degrading elderly people and mothers with young children. Can we not have a war against low lives.

More theories about how the twin towers were demolished

A theory about microwaves

If you have broadband watch this conspiracy movie. What will it take to convince the American public that something is amiss about the whole episode. Some of the incidents and rhetoric are identical to that of Adolf Hitler in 1934 when he burnt down the Reichstag (parliament) building, blamed it on Dutch communists and then assumed unlimited powers which eventually lead to World War 2. This movie seeks to show that the Osama Bin Laden tapes which turn up in Afghanistan from time to time are not what they appear to be, that flight 93 never crashed, that the world trade center all 3 (yes 3 not 2) were demolished after the fires were extinguished, etc. You can believe what you want to believe but you must accept that many of the facts do not bear scrutiny. http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=911+Loose+Change+2nd+

The Destruction of the World Trade Center: Why the Official Account Cannot Be True
The author states that the framework was made of steel. In fact it was aluminum.
Aluminum can be an explosive. It should only be used where there is no alternative such as aircraft manufacture.

What Wikipedia says about the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Michael Moore You have to watch the documentary Farenheit 911by Michael Moore. Yet inspite of all of this the American people voted for George Bush for 4 more years. Like the sheep in Animal Farm by George Orwell they all chanted "4 more years". Probably through fear. There is now detention without trial. Yet now after Hurricane Katrina George W. Bush's popularity has dropped to 39% (yes to 39% not by 39%!).

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