The Matrix The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions
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Trinity - dodge this

There are now three Matrix films, the original released 3 years ago, and two new sequels due to be released on May 15th 2003 in Singapore. Keanu Reeves (Neo) interview.

it is not the spoon that bends  it is only yourself There is also a tremendous cult following based on the action plot but also on the philosophy behind the movie. There is a lead story about the Matrix in the January 2003 edition of Newsweek magazine. There are also a large number of web sites devoted to the movie.
Among the best of which are

Some of the more interesting articles have been extracted and reproduced here on this web site. They are extracts from the Newsweek article about the 2 new matrix movies.

Are we really just naked bodies floating in a bath of liquid solution with a plug inserted into the back of our brains, through which we receive all of our experiences and lead our lives. And how would we ever know about it and in any case does it really matter. Some web sites even see a religious explanation to the movie. More interesting is whether the person floating in the bath of liquid solution is not in fact floating in another bath of liquid solution with another plug in back of the brain being fed the belief that he or she is real, when in fact there could be yet another layer. That sort of thinking could lead to the nut house.

It is very close to the Buddhist belief in Maya, the world of illusion, in that all of our experiences are relative and not shared by those around us. The realisation of the self is called enlightenment as displayed by all of the mystics, many of whom later go on to have religions formed around them.

You can believe what you want to believe.

Here are some stills and quotations from the original film The Matrix:-

Hello Neo. Can you guess who this is?
Yes. I don't have time for explanations right now
but time has run right out on us.
You see those men by the lift.
They are coming for you.
I don't know why but if you don't want to find out
I suggest you do exactly what I say
as you can see we have had our eyes on you for sometime

Wake up Neo. Matrix has you.
Follow the white rabbit.
knock knock Neo.
How did you do that on my computer?
Right now that is not important.

the girl in the red dress

The Matrix is telling me that this steak.
looks delicious and tastes delicious.
Yet I know that it is not real.
And you know what.
I really don't care.

This glass of Italian red wine looks delicious too.
Yet I know that it is not real either.
And you know what
I really don't care about that either.

Nokia telephone

avoiding the bullets


Sorry but the two sequels Matrix reloaded and Matrix revolutions do not seem to be the same type of movie as the original Matrix. The Matrix reloaded starts off with and relies heavily on special effects and ear shattering sound effects. There is none of the subtly and depth of the Matrix in either of these movies. Worse the acting is poor. The good actors really do not stand a chance to show what they can do. What has happened to Trinity? She has aged overnight. The love affair with Neo is OK but not an essential part of the plot. Did I say plot. There really isn't any plot. One scene seems to follow another, with vague references back to the original and vague references forward to the computer game. All of those corridors with keys needed to open the doors, made by the key maker. Matrix reloaded was over hyped and released on May 15th 2003. There is no evidence that Matrix revolutions will be any better. They are both sort of war movies about the city of Zion deep underground. But the plot is shallow, superficial and difficult to follow. What a pity. Where did the planning go wrong?

The latest more philosophical official web site:-
"the skeptical worry that one's experience may be illusory, and the moral question of whether it matters."
the thinking man's outlook and not that of the seeker after enlightenment
full of macromedia flash and animated gif special effects and hence it may be a little slow
but very interesting and recommended:-

Marvin Minsky and artificial intelligence
What if I take the blue pill and the red pill?
extracts from the Newsweek article about the 2 new matrix movies.

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