Lunar landing Apollo 17
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Landing Site Maps/Images

Apollo 17 - The End of an Era

Grumman pre-mission artwork. This vision of the landing site has several problems. In the distance, the mountains on the left side are clearly those of the Apollo 15 site, including such recognizable features as St. George Crater and Silver Spur. The astronaut near the top of the ladder would probably not be climbing up as casually as shown, with only one hand on the porch railing and his body turned. The ALSEP deployment area is depicted as being SSW of the LM rather than being directly west. And, finally, the LM is shown on the edge of a steep decline: graphically spectacular but not a position Gene or the targeting people would have chosen.
Scans by J.L. Pickering.

The Valley of Taurus-Littrow

The image linked here is a portion of Pan Camera frame AS17-2309 showing the South Massif at the upper right and the Sculptured Hills at the lower left. The North Massif is at the bottom right and Henry Crater is the rightmost of the three large craters in a triangular pattern at the foot of the mountain. This orientation is to facilitate comparison with features in the Station 6 high resolution images below. See also the labeled version of this frame. The distance from Station 6 above Henry to the LM is 3.5 km; to Bear Mountain, about 8 km; and to the outcrop noted in 21498 below, about 18 km.
Scans by Ron Wells.

Taurus-Littrow - Hubble Image 19 October 2005 ( 1132k )

Image from the Hubble Site

Notice how the images of the moon released to the public are always low resolution so that we can see neither the descent stage of the lunar excursion module, nor the abandoned lunar rover, nor the nuclear powered equipment which was deployed on the moon. Yet on Mars we are regularly shown images of the two Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity viewed from the orbiting Mars orbiter spacecraft. I guess that they want us to believe that the two Mars rovers are really on Mars.

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