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The Larry Hillblom Story

Larry Hillblom graduated from Boalt Hall Law School in 1969. Instead of practicing law he co-founded the DHL ("H" for Hillblom) international freight company.

In time Larry bought out "D" and "L" and became the sole owner of DHL, which became and remains the largest international fast freight delivery company. For tax reasons and to enjoy life, Larry bought an island in Saipan and relocated there to pursue his interests. He traveled to the Philippines, Thailand, and other sites in the South Pacific. For sport, he would hire the sexual services of young "certified" virgins. Over time he fathered a number of children.

In 1994, Larry was killed in an accident in his World War II vintage "Sea Bee" sea plane. Hillblom's decade old will ordered most of his estate dedicated to medical research at UCSF. But under US law (enforced in Saipan), legitimate heirs can share in an estate unless specifically written out of the will. Various women soon came forward from the islands, pressing their claims for the inheritance rights of their children. Though Larry's body was never found, DNA "sibling" testing proved that four of the eight suitors were siblings and thus likely children of Hillblom. The four children who proved their paternity each received approximately $90 million apiece. UCSF then received the remainder of the estate, nearly $240 million.



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