Princess Diana conspiracy expert, Alan Power, is 'in danger'

By: James Murray Published: Sun, November 24, 2013

Lady Diana Spencer TThe author of a book claiming Princess Diana was murdered by MI6 and the SAS says his life is in danger after being menaced by shadowy men he believes work for the security services.

PLOT An ex SAS soldier says Diana was murdered

PLOT: An ex-SAS soldier says Diana was murdered

Writer Alan Power spotted one of his pursuers walking up the long, private driveway of his remote home on the Isle of Man.

He confronted the man who said he was looking for a pet store. Then the stranger walked off to meet two other men in a car.

He believes the men were harassing him because of his sensational claims in his book, The Princess Diana Conspiracy, The Evidence Of Murder.

It was published 10 days after Scotland Yard launched inquiries into claims the SAS killed Diana on August 31, 1997, by forcing her car to crash in a Paris underpass.

Speaking from Manhattan, New York, where he has appeared on several TV chat shows, Mr Power said: “This intimidation increased dramatically in the summer.

“I noticed people tailing me when I took the ferry to the mainland to get my car looked at in July. One sat next to me and the other sat behind me during the crossing. They made it pretty obvious they were tailing me.

“The same thing happened on the way back with other men making it clear they were keeping a close eye on me. One kept flexing his muscles.

“Then I noticed a man walking up my private driveway in September, just after my book was published.

“I never forget a face. He was the man who sat behind me on the way to England and who had been watching me on the ferry. He came up with some bizarre story about looking to buy pet food but it was a load of rubbish.

“He was quite a large man and he kept very quiet. He just looked at me very intently, turned around and slowly walked off. It was a tense stand-off just outside my house and I felt intimidated.

“I have had death threats before and after publishing the book but I didn’t take them too seriously. This was different. I am pretty sure some security services ?people came over to the island just to make a point, to let me know they are monitoring me.” SAS

He was quite a large man and he kept very quiet. He just looked at me very intently

Mr Power is in huge demand around the world to talk about his book but has had no interest from the BBC or commercial British television stations. “I do find it a little odd that the BBC has not got in contact, especially when I am being chased by so many foreign channels,” he said.

Mr Power also had trouble selling his book on Amazon, which initially classed it as made of “hazardous material”.

He said: “The bizarre classification hit sales at a crucial time as media interest was building at the end of August and early September. Amazon later changed the status which mean it could be sold but I have had no proper explanation as to what went on.”

The first batch of books sent to the US were refused entry so he had to send them back again.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Express has learned that French officials are blocking Scotland Yard’s investigation into the death of Princess Diana. They have “pretty much no intention” of looking at the dramatic revelations which emerged earlier this year.

A former SAS soldier has told his wife the killing was carried out “to order”.

While this conspiracy theory is very interesting. It is more interesting that the author Alan Power is a targeted individual and as such being gang stalked. If he was being merely observed he would not know about it. The idea of gang stalking is to bother the target. It may have nothing to do with Lady Diana. Many people including your web master are receiving this sort of attention probably because they are interesting people for this sick American experiment. Good luck to you Alan Power.

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