Man charged with child sex offenses in Cambodia
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Family says local man wrongly accused. Man charged with child sex offenses in Cambodia,
family says he was helping kids, not molesting them Thursday, 01/04/07

The Leaf-Chronicle

A Clarksville man was arrested at a hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, late Monday and charged with sex offenses, but those close to him believe he is the victim of a scam.

Roger Dale Green, a 59-year-old Clarksville roofer and Vietnam War veteran, was charged with debauchery ,or sex offenses ,involving two girls, ages 11 and 12, according to an Associated Press report.

Green was in the same room with the girls when police raided the hotel, Regent Park , said Keo Thea, deputy chief of the anti-human trafficking police in the Cambodian capital. In Cambodia, the offense is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Though Green could not name the source of the information in his letter, he indicated he had been told the hotel manager called police.

He also said he was told the hotel management did not tell him children could not be in the hotel because the manager wanted to collect his money for both rooms.

"don't know ting and ling, but i do know that there was, a couple of years back, a group of young girls, controlled by their 'mother', who sold books on the quay. the girls were sweet. the mother was a bitch, and not above a set up like this.

I remember one incident where a foreign man had given one of the girls money to have her teeth fixed. the 'mother' took the money and spent it on hair dressers, etc. she looked better. the kids teeth were still rotten. a bad woman. "

Andyinasia on kymer440 says

"Fellas, I've got to the bottom of this story. My version of detective work is not c&p crap journalism in an internet cafe but doing the footwork and seeking out people who know what the hell's going on.

I told you that I know the street kids - and I know the two girls in question. I found out the truth from the kids (believe me, they don't lie to me; they've known me a long time).

The long and short of it as pretty much as the guy states in that last CD c&p. He's an idiot, but he never touched the girls. In fact, he was set up by their greedy bitch of a mother. He gave her $100 to put the girls through school - she demanded $200. He didn't acquiesce to her demands, and neither did he pay off the cops when they were invited to intervene.

And there we have it - with a little Cambodian justice, lazy journalism, and sensationalist-junkies believing all they read, an innocent man has been totally fucked over. I just hope the girls' mother comes clean and the charges are dropped."

more.... Charitable works

Green left for Vietnam on Dec. 26 before heading to Cambodia and was to return Jan. 15, said his daughter, Keri Jones.

She suspects her father is the victim of a scam because he goes to the same hotel every year, and she has visited the country with him and spoken with his contacts. Now, the same contacts will not return her e-mails.

"To my understanding, these children were in a room by themselves, and they (authorities) took it upon themselves to call it debauchery. We're just all very distraught. He's gone to these countries all these years specifically to help. You don't meet people like that in this world anymore," Jones said.

"I know he is my father, and I'm going to be partial, but anyone who knows him knows how he is," she added. "His name has been slandered in the wrong manner, and he's one of the best men that walk the earth, and I'm not just saying that because he's my father."

Friends and family said Green has been visiting Cambodia and Vietnam around Christmas for the past seven years to perform charitable works, such as housing families and children living on the streets, donating money, helping children to a higher education, such as college or nursing school, and building two houses for poor families.

"(When I visited,) they lived in a shack with dirt floors, the worst you can imagine, like you would see on television," Jones said. "It was the most heart-wrenching experience I have ever seen. It showed that people in the world are in need, and I think he feels guilty about what happened in the war, and that's why he goes back."

According to statements from Thea, Green did not fully understand the charges at first. Jones concurred.

"I've always been leery for my father because he's so trusting. He just sees somebody for their face appearance," Jones said. "When he called me at 5 a.m. (Tuesday) morning, he blurted out that he had gotten them a room and didn't know that they weren't supposed to be in the hotel. He was in utter shock and still doesn't understand why he has been arrested.

"He took a lot of money over there in good faith to help a lot of people or children in orphanages."

What's next. (Or should that be "Who's next?")

Green has a lawyer in Cambodia, but local attorney Gary Hodges is assisting Green and might travel overseas.

"I know him to be a wonderful man. He's a wonderful, kind-hearted man that has done wonderful things for people. I know the wonderful works he's done," Hodges said.

He said the impoverished people Green has helped send cards, photographs and report cards to show children's educational progress.

"If he has a problem, it's that he's too naive and trusting of people," Hodges said. "He has a nice, kind heart. The issue of any kind of immorality would never cross his mind. When he found out what he was accused of, he was shocked and distraught."

Family members said Green has kept documentation and receipts relating to his work, especially after he was once scammed by a woman in Vietnam who lied about being an embassy employee when Green attempted to adopt a child.

Jones said the past experience might help his case.

She admits the case could be difficult because drug and debauchery charges are the worst crimes in Cambodia. She also indicated debauchery charges are not followed by medical examinations of children as in the United States.

Green's money and belongings have been seized. According to conversations with the American embassy, Green had one request.

"He didn't care about any of his money and belongings, but he has a suitcase of toys, and he just requested that the lady from the embassy come and pass them out," Jones said. "He's just been in the wrong place at the wrong time and trusted the wrong people.

"He could go on vacation somewhere beautiful like Hawaii, but he goes where people are poor and wants to help them.

"My mother is no longer with me, and my father is my life. He's my hero." - article - forum - interviewing children

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