Beach Boat
Margaret Hussan - Head of CARE, murdered in Iraq
DEA agent from Vancouver.
I busted you and told you that I would put you on the internet,
so here you are.
2 more DEA agents in the group. 
Big one on the left is the hit man. 
Small one with white hair on the right is Australian Customs & Exercise
The Ugly American
NGO in Thailand, possibly from the Philippines
This man and this woman were spotted in Jomtien Nivate,
a village near Pattaya Thailand,
posing as salespeople for childrens' 
Disney colouring books at 250 Baht each.
They were not observed to make a single sale
over several days in the area.
They were observed to have a very good knowledge of the area.
They ran away when confronted.
They were extremely aggressive.
They approached mostly elderly foreign men.
Telephone number 038-413401
American soldier interfering with a child in Iraq
Vertical Stripes Blue Green Tan 1
Vertical Stripes Blue Green Tan 2
Vertical Stripes Blue Green Tan 3
Vertical Stripes Blue Green Tan 4
Vertical Stripes Blue Green Tan 5
Black John in Cambodia
This is an old web page and not really fare on CARE who do good work.
It would be better directed at World Vision who do "justice".
Because of the compexity of the many spy networks operating in Cambodia,
it is very difficult to know who is doing what to whom, only that it is happening.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Recent experiences in Cambodia

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This is a web site about the activities of the American government in modern day Cambodia. After over 40 years of interference in the affairs of South East Asia, you would have thought that Cambodia would now be left alone to determine its own future. Not so. You have probably read about the temples of Angkor Wat ,Pedophiles and trafficking. The country survives thanks to the Prime minister, Hun Sen, the new King Norodom Sihamoni and Lord Buddha. At least there is now peace. The fighting has stopped. The main industry is tourism. America and it's allies now give a grant of 600 million dollars a year, which is just enough to keep the country afloat. With this grant come a million strings. The country is swarming with NGO's from the western nations, all giving help. Or are they? They do this and that. Some of it good, like providing some free hospital treatment. There is now a sort of game of cops and robbers in which all foreigners are targeted as pedophiles or traffickers. The author has been advised not to write this article. There is a climate of fear. There are stories of people being arrested, handcuffed and taken away, while the poor Cambodian families who are supposed to be the victims are intimidated or bribed as are the police and judges. These stories come from a number of different sources so there must be some truth in them. This is after all Cambodia and only ten years ago there was fighting. CARE is always at the heart of these allegations.

This article refers mostly to Koh Kong, a small fishing village just across from the Thai border. It applies equally to the other tourist destinations such as the capital, Phnom Penh, and major cities such as Sihanoukville, Battambang, Pailin and Siem Reap.

There seems to be no end to the numbers and varieties of Western groups who are represented. Photographs of all foreigners are now taken at the borders by Cambodian immigration officers using Dell computers and Logitech digital cameras supplied by WHO, the world health organisation, financed by the Americans. These photographs are then printed and taken by car to the ngo headquarters which operates out of the Cambodiana Hotel in Phnom Penh. Further squads of low lives have been recruited from Spain and Mexico to visit the tourist areas and photograph foreigners. They do so in the most offensive way possible. Usually by putting themselves in ones face, dribbling excessive amounts of over ordered food, like chicken legs and hamburgers, and then circling around and behind their victims. It could be you. The Cambodian traffic police have all been equipped with new American style motor bikes with sirens and flashing red lights.

Some of the ngo groups operating in Cambodia include: CARE, LICADAHO, UNICEF, UNHCR, Medecin sans frontiere, Agriculture sans frontiere (sign seen on an NGO vehicle, appears not to exist!), WHO, PSI, (their number one condoms are ideal for the little pricks that cruise around town in their vehicles) etc. And of course police and customs from many western nations such as UK, Belgium, USA, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Norway etc. CARE, is a front for the CIA. LICADHO is a front for the FBI (who are obsesed with the subject of trafficking, whatever that may mean); that is what they call themselves when working abroad or on US warships, the legal department. The FBI have an office in Phnom Penh.

NGO's spend most of their time eating in the most expensive tourist restaurants, staying in the most expensive tourist hotels and driving around the town in the most expensive 4 wheel drive cross country vehicles. This in a country of extreme poverty. Why do they not sell their expensive equipment, stop recruiting so many expensive staff and give the money to the poor of Cambodia.

Another tactic of the ngo's is trailing foreigners in their as they walk along the road using their large cars. The largest group of ngo's in Cambodia is called CARE. Just as the homosexuals have hijacked the English word gay, they have hijacked the word care. CARE likes to project an image of Mother Teresa of Calcutta tending to the sick and underprivileged people of Cambodia. Some of them do this. There is a much larger group who seek out and provide information to their political master and financier, President George Bush. They do this by visiting the tourist restaurants and bars pretending to be holidaymakers and engaging their victims in small talk which soon turns to questions about where they can find drugs or little children for sex. These people are very charming. Use the "Quid pro Quo" tactic with anybody you meet in Cambodia. Do not give out more information than you receive. They know all of the answers anyway. They also know the locations of all of the best restaurants and hotels. They have pick up lines which they get from their training manuals such as "I had 2000 US dollars stolen from my room by a lady-boy in Nana Hotel", just to see how you respond.

Recently CARE became aware of their poor image and decided to provide 10,000 US dollars to recruit local ex Khmer Rouge to do the job of trailing and photographing foreigners. There was no training course but the local lads said thank you very much for the money. They have been given a new name PSI, and now do the job that CARE used to do. So if you are trailed by a group of older Khmers making stupid faces at you, you know what is happening.

All of the NGO organisations have web sites on the internet and so you can read their point of view. If you have ever been to Cambodia you must wonder which country they have been visiting. They show Cambodia in a very bad way as a nest of sex and drug traffickers with Pedophiles from western countries. The author has never met any pedophiles or seen or had offered to him any young children for sex. Like in many other countries it probably does happen but you have to be interested in and go out looking for it to find it. According to the ngo web sites themselves 99% of pedophiles in Cambodia are Cambodians. If you want to discover where to find young children for sex in Phnom Penh do visit the CARE web site. It contains much information. After Pol Pot smashed the family system there was a climate which allowed this behavior. Pedophilia is condemned especially by the foreigners who visit and work there. The trafficking of young girls for the sex industry is just not happening. One wonders where ngo's get their information from. It is probably that if the facts were known they would all be out of a job and as they repeatedly say "This is the life". To be paid to be on holiday all year round.

Because they do not know the extent of the problem they are now recruiting even more agents to tour the small villages to demand answers to a questionnaire. If they do not know the extent of the problem how do they know that there is a problem. Cambodian ex Khmer Rouge (any Cambodian over 40 years old) will be paid 300 US dollars per month, a fortune in Cambodia, but cheap for a CIA spy who can earn 5,000 US dollars per month. They need these people or they are likely to disappear. Cambodian people have a strong sense of identity and do like to be messed around.

Their real mission will be to determine the extent of Chinese influence in the country. America is very worried by China. China is the only country which can stop the American ambition of world domination. Robert Rumsfeld, American Defense Secretary, recently visited Vietnam, a former enemy country, with a view to establishing military bases in the country.

CARE and many of these other ngo agencies are a front for the CIA and the FBI. What is happening now is a repeat of the Ugly American, a book written in the early 1950's.

Finally, do not be put off by this article from visiting Cambodia. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people. They deserve a better deal than this.

further reading.....

Do watch the movie Human Trafficking
It's got the lot - homeland security, abduction, under age sex, sticking cameras in peoples faces, porno movies, drugs, children concealed in containers, Russian brides, Czechoslovakia, Turkey etc. Strangely enough Cambodia is not mentioned. Donald Sutherland you should know better than to act in a film like this. Horrifying though are the plot and the action, the attitudes and the activities of these so called officers should be investigated and not sanctioned as at present. It is a knee jerk reaction from the public, who demand that the government should do something. It is pure propaganda.

Another more balanced and informative movie on the subject of Human Trafficking is Memoirs of a Geisha
It is set in Japan during the late 1920's and 1930's and the Americans after the war in 1945. Sayuri, a young girl from a poor fishing village, is sold by her parents to pay for the medical expenses of her dieing mother. She is sold to a Geisha house in Kyoto. Her parents die and then it is the Hanamachi or Geisha house that becomes her home. There was no sex in those days. Payments were only for entertaining the male clients. That still does not make it right but it is how it was. It is an accurate story without the propaganda.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke (1729-97)

"All warfare is based on deception.
If your enemy is superior, evade him.
If angry, irritate him.
If equally matched, fight
and if not: split and re-evaluate,"
Sun-tzu, The Art of War. "Every battle is won before it is ever fought."

ngo - non government officer

Ask them if they are an ngo. The correct answer is "What is an NGO?"
If they say that they are not an NGO than they are.

Cambodia is the Nixon doctrine in its purest form.
President Richard M. Nixon, November 1971

Click on this link if you want to know what manner of perversion you, a visitor to Cambodia, will be accused of.

"They are usually very friendly individuals and that is a part of the reason they are able to get close to a child."
(This remark could apply equally well to an ngo approaching an adult.)

Please email me with any experiences (positive or negative) or photographs you may have of NGO activity in Cambodia.


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