bar girls ring up corrupt cops to rip off tourists in Cambodia

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I have heard so many accounts of this but the worse was by a Vietnamese bar girl named Tau who calls up the cops when ever she feels like ripping off a barang.

In April I saw her get a lift into the Victory Beach Guest House in Sihanoukville (Sville). About the same time a friend of mine saw this girl put her hand through the grill of his window, for what reason we couldn't figure out. I asked him for her description: bleached hair, spotty face and gold tooth. I told him that was a girl I knew named Tau and I saw her go in and then leave 5 minutes later.

Then in June I saw her walking up the road downcast and with bruises to her face. She told me that she had called at some guys room and he had hit her. "Don't worry she said I always call the police". The police came to the man's address, arrested him and he had to pay her a large undisclosed sum to her. Having been warned by other girls that this girl Tau was "no good", I went to the bar where she had worked (next to the alleged assailant) and asked the bar owner there what had happened. On hearing the girl's name she exploded and told me "This girl is an habitual liar in cahoots with the police. She told the police I have an unruly house which is untrue. The man who was alleged to have hit her is a good man." Tau had earlier absconded with $30 of his money (and $50 of his neighbors) and stolen his motorbike. She also deals in ICE (drugs), so don't ever take her to your room because she will plant some there and then call the police. And don't even give her a ride on your bike as she might put it in your pocket. Now I realized why she had been putting her hand in my friends room in April. What are the police doing indulging a known thief, prostitute and drugs dealer?

Last year some quiet guy (I'll call Nick) took his bar girlfriend named Wii on holiday to Koh Kong. She persuaded him to take a nude photo of her on her camera. On return one day 12 cops turned up at his Guest House and marched him off to prison. Apparently this bar girl Wii had called the police and told them he had been planning to sell porn photos on the internet. When asked by the police if he could explain why he was not selling porn photos. He replied, "Because I don't own a camera". Everybody suspects that knowledge of Nick's family back home were wealthy had become known locally. And what of this bastion of Cambodian justice Sihanoukville prison? The prison manager told Nick "We know that there are many people imprisoned in here who are innocent - but we just want to make money out of them!!!" (in April this year a prison guard there was caught by the mother of a 3 year old raping her, while on duty!). And what of the prostitute Wii, what of her damaged virtue? I saw this girl in the Freedom Bar one night - and she dropped her hot pants and marched around the pool table for all to see! And Nick, a totally innocent man spent 3 weeks in jail for her.

There are numerous cases of this happening too many to write here - a bar girl just lifting up the phone accusing a foreigner of anything and the police in Cambodia come running and automatically find him guilty on just on her say so only. I think that the police in Cambodia are a disgrace, they act more like a criminal gang extorting money out of foreigners from just one phone call from a prostitute, then divvying up the resulting "fine" with her. They should make their mission statement "Crook, prostitute, drug dealer, just call your friendly police on 911 - and we'll screw money out of the Barang together!"

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